Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Sammy to star in London 1978 movie

Sammy Joy Bonetti plays Maggie Byrne in The Last Waltz by Lisa Brunton Wallace and Xose Mourino. A gritty child-coming-of-age drama set in south east London in the Summer of Discontent -  Sammy plays Maggie Byrne age 8.

Principle photography completed June 2013 to aid development of feature to pre-production by 2014.

Maggie's book of secrets. http://youtu.be/WG1KX6HZbpY

Her parents Suzanne Bonetti and Stephen Hope-Wynne are also principle supporting cast as family members in this rip-roaring roister doister London drama brimming with unique humour, danger, thrills and sadness amid a blistering music list from the 70's punk to waltz.